UltraSwim 33.3 | noun

/ awesome challenge / life-changing / tough / inspiring / worth it

1. Long distance timed open water multi-day swimming challenge.
2. Distance total not less than 33.3km which equates to the theoretical shortest distance of a English Channel crossing.
3. Over a minimum of 4 days and 5 to 7 swims.
4. Swam either solo or as a duo in a relay format
5. With or without wetsuit
6. In amazing locations around the world.
7. Pushing you in to discomfort, but accessible for all open water swimmers
8. An inspiring adventure, creating lifelong bonds between competitors.
9. With premium support services as if you were a pro.
10. To be found in many bucket lists.

Common Questions

The format which divides the 33.3km in to 5 or 6 swims over 4 days of competition does have daily time cutoffs based on 2.5km per hour endurance pace - but does not require you to have done more than one 5km previous open water swim. Swimmers not making any particular swim cutoff will of course still be able to complete the week.
Over 4 days you will swim 33.3 km. Our course includes shorter and longer swims with a 10km 'marathon' day. The course is set up as a point to point so we begin the next day where we left off. If you have swum a 5K open water race and train at least a few times per week you should be good to go.
In addition to the two transfer boats, which will remain with the swimmers, significant numbers of kayaks/SUP will paddle alongside the swimmers and be at key turning points (marked by buoys). In addition there will be a Race Director RIB and a dedicated Medical support boat. Your safety will be the paramount consideration throughout the event. There will be an average of a minimum of one safety kayak for 4 swimmers, in addition to the various motorboats listed above. If you feel you need your own personal kayak support this is possible subject to availability but at an extra cost.
Our professional coach is available to discuss your pre-event training and a specific training plan is being put in place to assist you in your preparations, and will be available during the event to support you - as will we all! Whilst of course there will be some racing to be first, most swimmers will be simply aiming to finish, maybe pushing themselves against their nearest competitor - but the last one to cross the finishing line each day will be just as much as winner as the first.
Nothing required other than your own assessment that you are up to a swimming event where you will swim 33.3 kms over 4 days. With plenty of rest and good food and camaraderie in between.
An UltraSwim is a new category of open water event, defined as a multi-day timed swim challenge, with a total distance of at least 33.3km - the theoretical shortest distance of the famous English Channel crossing from Calais to Dover. With 5 to 6 timed swims over 4 days it is tough enough to push swimmers out of their comfort zone, but accessible enough for any competent open water swimmer. As a swimmer you should expect to be extended physically and mentally by the multi-day format, but you will finish strong and confident after being the first competitors to be awarded with the UltraSwim 33.3 badge of achievement. The event includes multiple swim distances and formats with the 4 days event period, on a point to point course in varied open water conditions, supported by a host of professional services, from a premium base. Includes a 10km marathon swim, a sunset/night swim ‘taster’, and both fjord and open water legs in the case of the 2022 Invitational Test Event.
Our swimming course in the Bay of Kotor and the Adriatic Sea off the Lustica Peninsula combines both steep side fjord type swimming, with the turquoise waters of the Adriatic Sea, in water temperatures (19-22C) that don’t normally oblige a wetsuit (although they are permitted). This first 33.3 event is an invitational one, with just 33 swimmer spots planned - compared with the full events in the future that will be for 200-400 according to the venue. It is your chance to experience this new UltraSwim 33.3 event format, and through your inputs be part of moulding the future event series. Whilst it is certainly premium priced, we are subsidising significantly this year to ensure that we can provide all the premium services we plan for the full events in the future, yet without the economies of scale.
Starts are generally shortly after sunrise with a boat transfer to the start point. The format which divides the 33.3km in to 6 or 7 swims over 4 days of competition entails swims of 1-2 hours up to 4-5 hours. After the swim we have lunch and a leisurely afternoon for rest and sightseeing and optional coaching and massage.
Yes, you may enter as a DUO in a relay format. (extra dedicated support boat is required for changeover). If you choose the DUO format, then automatically we have costed in the necessary dedicated support boat that enables the person resting to be out of the water recovering. Changeovers happen via tagging each other in the water.
That is up to you of course but if you swim several times per week in a pool try to get in a few open water swims in the weeks leading up to the event. If you have not swum much over 5K getting in a 2 hour swim prior to the event will build your confidence.
Switzerland to France, across Lake Luzerne

Ultraswim33.3 by invitation only

September 29 to October 3, 2022

Kotor Bay, Montenegro

Lazure Hotel and Marina, Herceg Novi, Montenegro