• Dreaming of new

    open water

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  • Imagine swimming

    the English Channel distance

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  • Multi-day point to point timed challenge

  • Introducing UltraSwim 33.3

    a new category of

    open water swim event

What is an Ultraswim?

And why swim 33.3 kilometers?

An Ultra-Swim is a new category of open water event, defined as a multi-day timed swim challenge, with a total distance of at least 33.3km - the theoretical shortest distance of the English Channel. With 5 to 6 timed swims over 4 days it is tough enough to push swimmers out of their comfort zone, but accessible enough for any competent open water swimmer.

Multiple swim distances and formats, in varied open water conditions, supported by host of professional services, from a premium base on a point to point course. Includes a 10km marathon swim, a night swim ‘taster’, and both fjord and open water legs in the case of the 2022 Invitational Test Event.

The Ultra-Swim 33.3 Series will include events all over the world, and will launch fully in 2023.

You are invited to join this first Invitation only event in Montenegro, a stunning and relatively unknown open water swimming destination, that combines both steep side fjord type swimming, with the turquoise waters of the Adriatic, in water temperatures (20-22C) that don’t oblige a wetsuit (although they are permitted).

This first 33.3 event is an invitational one, with just 33 swimmer spots planned - compared with the full events in the future that will be for 200-400 according to the venue. It is your chance to experience this new UltraSwim 33.3 event format, and through your inputs be part of moulding the future event series. Whilst it is certainly premium priced, we are subsidising significantly this year to ensure that we can provide all the premium services we plan for the full events in the future, yet without the economies of scale.

Multi-day challenges - what do they bring?

Lots of choices....

There are many amazing one day swim races and challenges all over the world, some of them attended by thousands of swimmers every year.

UltraSwim 33.3 goes a significant step further - spreading what is a significant distance of 33.3km over 4 days changes fundamentally the event experience - as the founder of 33.3 knows well having been at the origin of the Haute Route series of amateur bike timed challenges (“ride like a pro, 7 days of mountain climb”).

“Most people attending one day events go away content - but having not created the deep bonds that come from multi-day challenges, where people make new friends through sharing a challenge that pushes them out of their comfort zone. Competitors support and motivate each other, share their experiences in a social environment at the end of the day, and then get back up the next day and do it again….the sense of shared experience is super-strong and sets this event apart from everything that has gone before it.”

How good a swimmer do I need to be?

Good but not that good!

The idea of swimming 33.3km in a timed challenge may seem a kilometre too far for many, but this format is very accessible, if challenging of course, for most competent open water swimmers. We don’t hide the fact that the multi-day format, with early starts, will push you out of your comfort zone some days - but this will equally provide you with a level of fulfilment and reward that will stay with you and boost you for a long time after.

The format which divides the 33.3km in to 5 or 6 swims over 4 days of competition does have daily time cutoffs based on 2.5km per hour endurance pace - but does not require you to have done more than one 5km previous open water swim. Swimmers not making any particular swim cutoff will of course still be able to complete the week.

Our professional coach is available to discuss your pre-event training and a specific training plan is being put in place to assist you in your preparations, and will be available during the event to support you - as will we all! Whilst of course there will be some racing to be first, most swimmers will be simply aiming to finish, maybe pushing themselves against their nearest competitor - but the last one to cross the finishing line each day will be just as much as winner as the first.

Swim like a pro!

Swim like a Pro with our premium services

Like the Haute Route cycling series co-founded by Mark Turner, the 33.3 concept provides a level of support services, safety and race management not often seen in the open water swimming scene. Top level coaching integrated (including a video analysis for every competitor), post race massage included, post race lunch where appropriate, airport transfers, premium swimmers kit pack, 4* hotel as the event base and many other surprises during the event.

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    The Cause We Support

    Giving back to organizations that share our vision of a clean ocean will always be a part of Ultra Swim 33.3's DNA. This is why we will share parts of our profit to the environmental cause that do good for our oceans as no amount is too high to contribute actively to protect our planet. That is also why we partner with organizations that actively support a clean and healthy ocean. Shark Rebellion produces high quality swim wear and accessories made from plastic taken out of the oceans.

    By purchasing their eco-responsible products, you contribute actively in supporting these causes.